How to Become Adjunct Faculty

What is Adjunct Faculty Status?

Adjunct faculty status is a means of recognizing leaders in the community who actively facilitate nursing education. It is an unpaid faculty position for professional community members actively contributing to the learning and development of nursing students, working in a synergistic role with full-time faculty, and fostering the overall mission of the College of Nursing. Tenure and voting privileges are not applicable to this rank.

How do I qualify for Adjunct Faculty Status?

  • Candidates may qualify for nomination by actively contributing to the learning and development of KSU nursing students.
  • Candidates must submit an up-to-date CV.
  • Full-time faculty nominate candidates who are exceptional in their commitment to the advancement of nursing knowledge and skills of the College of Nursing students at Kent State.  
  • Candidates approved by the College Advisory Council will need to complete a non-paid personnel hiring packet and background check.


  • Formalized professional affiliation with the College of Nursing
  • Member of the Kent State Community
  • Invitation to special College of Nursing meetings or programs planned with and for faculty and adjuncts  
  • Kent State email and ID for library access

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