The 18th Annual Barbara Donaho Awards

Wednesday, 10 April, 2024 -
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Kent Student Center

A great preceptor can make all the difference in your clinical experience. Every year, great preceptors are nominated for and receive The Barbara Donaho Distinguished Leadership in Learning Award.

The Award

In 2007, Kent State University College of Nursing Advisory Chair, Barbara Donaho, forged the idea that clinical partnerships between Kent State University and area hospitals with which the university is partnered should receive substantial recognition.

She recognized that clinical unit leaders, prefects and nurses take the time to work diligently to train our nursing students, while receiving no additional compensation for their services. It is in this spirit that the Barbara Donaho Distinguished Leadership in Learning Award was created.

The majority of recipients are RNs who have served in a variety of capacities: as staff nurses, nurse managers, clinical coordinators, and advanced practice nurses, in addition to MDs. They are nominated by both Kent State University students and faculty members for providing effective leadership, demonstrating compassionate role modeling and offering sound professional mentoring.

Recipients of The Barbara Donaho Distinguished Leadership in Learning Award are a select group who have greatly enhanced and contributed to the quality of care provided by the next generation of professional nurses.

About Barbara A. Donaho

Photo of Barbara DonahoA long-time friend of Kent State University and the College of Nursing, Barbara A. Donaho has spent more than 55 years dedicating her life’s work to the advancement of the nursing profession as an educator, lecturer, director of nursing and senior vice president of patient services. Her vast career has spanned the Midwest and both eastern and southern coasts. Most recently, she was president and CEO of St. Anthony’s Health Care Center in St. Petersburg, FL, where she is currently president emeritus.

Born and raised in Ohio, Barbara holds nursing degrees from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, as well as degrees in Nursing Education and Administration from the University of Chicago, and an honorary doctorate of law from Kent State University. She is a graduate of Johnson & Johnson-Wharton Fellows Program in Management for Nurses and held the distinction of being the only nurse member of the American Hospital Association Board of Directors, which in turn honored her with the Trustees Award.

She is a former commissioner of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and was named distinguished alumna of the year at Johns Hopkins, later being appointed to serve on its board of trustees.