Assistant Dean of Operations & Student Services Presented with Academic Advising Administrator of the Year Award

From Touch Point Online Magazine, Summer 2021 - Vol. V, Issue 2

Two-time Kent State University alumni Curtis Good, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Operations & Student Services for Kent State College of Nursing, was presented with the Kent Academic Support and Advising Association (K.A.S.A.D.A.) Academic Advising Administrator of the Year Award on Friday, April 9. This award was created to highlight the achievements and good works of Kent State administrators. Recipients were nominated by their colleagues, supervisors, and/or deans. Good received university recognition and a $500 scholarship to advance his professional development.

“I was very surprised. This award represents the great advising team I oversee at the College of Nursing who is dedicated to ensuring our students have the most rewarding experience while at Kent State,” explained Good. “I'm like an orchestra conductor in that I make sure we stay on top of what we're doing, but our advisors are really the heart and soul of the operation. It's awesome to me that at the end of the school year, we start receiving all these thank you cards dedicated to different advisors. I appreciate our team! I have loved working with them, and I appreciate all they do for the college.”

K.A.S.A.D.A. is a university organization dedicated to providing professional development for academic advisors and student affairs personnel through collaborations designed to enhance the academic advising profession by offering opportunities for networking and the exchange of ideas.

Below are excerpts from Good’s nomination:

Curtis exemplifies advocating for students first.


Curtis’ decision-making demonstrates a critical understanding of how and why we are here to support our students.

Curtis’ involvement is and has been far-reaching and campus-wide since he started. He does it all for Kent State University. 

Curtis’ strongest quality is integrity. He stands by what he believes, is honest and does not stray from his principles.


Good has worked at the College of Nursing for nearly 17 years.

“I chose to work at Kent State because I've always believed in what we do and the great contributions we make to students lives. I've seen and experienced it first-hand, and I wanted to be a part of that legacy,” remembered Good. “Many students go through a loss of identity and begin to question who they are, why they are here, what they are doing, and how to identify their purpose. I enjoy helping students navigate those issues because I remember being in that situation as a student.”

His favorite part about Kent State are the people who work alongside him.

“It really feels like a family. I know my colleagues’ kids and hear about their various activities. I've been able to witness weddings and births,” said Good. “Some of the greatest people I've worked with have since retired or have accepted other opportunities, but I continue to value their friendship and their impact on my career.”

POSTED: Friday, June 11, 2021 - 11:52am
UPDATED: Friday, June 25, 2021 - 4:40pm
Mariah Gibbons