Christine Kauth Named Inaugural College of Nursing Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

From Touch Point Online Magazine, Spring 2023 – Vol. VII, Issue 1

Kent State University College of Nursing welcomed Christine Kauth Ph.D., RN, as the inaugural Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs on January 17, 2023. In this role, Kauth will oversee schedules, faculty workload, faculty development and relationship building with facility partners. She will visit the college’s clinical sites to ensure students are having a positive learning experience and that the college is meeting the needs of the facility. Kauth will also meet with facility partners and administrators to discuss potential areas for collaboration.

“My primary goal is to contribute to a culture that builds on trust, collaboration and courage. My philosophy is we are better together,” expressed Kauth. “I want to support faculty in living our mission of Transforming lives, Embracing equity, and Advancing health through teaching and research.”

She will continue to develop relationships with Kent State nursing faculty to learn how to best support them. According to Kauth, some faculty development ideas in the works consist of file development and peer reviews, exploring opportunities for certification as Certified Nurse Educators and exploring certifying online courses through Quality Matters.

“Not only are our Kent State nursing faculty committed to providing students with a quality education but they also role model how to be a professional,” exclaimed Kauth. “I look forward to supporting the teaching and research endeavors for all faculty.”

Kauth is currently working on a research project with Janet Reed, PH.D., RN, CMSRN, associate professor at Kent State Stark. Their research is looking at Perceptions of Preceptors Post-Pandemic.

“I have had a special place in my heart for preceptors for many years. My initial love of education started when I precepted students as a bedside nurse,” recalled Kauth. “We hope to uncover what incentives and barriers are currently in place at various facilities and publish an article that addresses these findings.”

Kauth began at the university in 1994 and has served as the BSN Coordinator for the Kent State Stark campus for the past eight years. With nearly 30 years of academic experience, her favorite part is that it can be the best of all worlds.

“When I taught clinical courses, I still had patient contact while also contributing to the growth of students. It was an ideal situation,” described Kauth. “I loved my patients and I loved to share that passion with students.”

Throughout her career, Kauth has worked as a float nurse, medical-surgical nurse, step-down nurse and nurse manager. She has contributed to staff development, quality improvement and higher education.

“There are so many doors you can choose to walk through with your nursing education,” emphasized Kauth. “I have been blessed to be where I am today because of every single opportunity that came my way.

One of the challenges Kauth had to overcome as she advanced her career was creating a healthy work-life balance.

“Nursing can consume you if you don’t set healthy boundaries,” stated Kauth. “I consider myself a relational person, so I find it hard to say no, but I have come to realize that I have to be at my best in order to be of service to others.”

Today, Kauth prioritizes the necessary time to recharge herself mentally and emotionally.

“I love to read and spend weekends in Cincinnati visiting my children,” shared Kauth. “In the summer I like to go on walks with my husband and our dog, Teddy, or bicycling along the towpath.”

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Kauth to the College of Nursing leadership team!

POSTED: Tuesday, March 14, 2023 10:17 AM
Updated: Tuesday, March 14, 2023 03:04 PM
Mariah Gibbons