Donor supported scholarship change our students lives

Each year, dozens of College of Nursing students open their inbox and are greeted with a message notifying them that they have been awarded a scholarship. These scholarships ignite a chain reaction of positive change in the students’ lives. The ripple effects of our donor’s generosity reach far beyond the lives of individual recipients, touching families, communities, and the entire healthcare system. These scholarships empower students to unlock their potential, pursue their passion for nursing and contribute meaningfully to society.

The transformative power of these gifts is witnessed through the journeys of our students. They are granted the freedom to fully immerse themselves in their education, unburdened by financial worries, and equipped with the resources to excel academically. This support nurtures their growth, cultivates their potential and helps them emerge as skilled healthcare professionals who are prepared to navigate the complex challenges of the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Join us as we acknowledge the unwavering commitment of our donors, whose philanthropy acts as a catalyst for change.

Scholarship: Helping Undergraduates Gain Success for Senior Nursing Students

“Receiving this scholarship helped to reduce the number of hours I needed to work, providing more time during my final semester to be present as a parent, which is immensely valuable to me. Working fewer hours allowed me to catch my breath between my responsibilities at home, to my children and to the nursing program,” said Ginger Bowels, spring 2023 BSN graduate. “It can be exhausting to be constantly picking and choosing between those three things, feeling like I am failing a little bit at all of them. During my final semester, I was starting to find my emotional and physical resources growing thinner and thinner. It was a miracle to me that I was offered this scholarship at this time. I cannot articulate what it has meant to me or the relief I felt. I can only express my heartfelt gratitude.” - Ginger Bowles, BSN '23


Vanessa Cabrera stands outside Henderson Hall on the Kent campus.

Scholarship: Frankie Montgomery Perseverance Scholarship

“Because of this scholarship I was able to afford my textbooks and some essential items I had bought for college that I still needed to finish paying off,” explained junior nursing student Vanessa Cabrera. “I was also able to buy the necessary equipment I needed for labs and classes. This scholarship helped me not worry about choosing between buying groceries and paying for my class materials. It really reduced my anxiety about the school year.” - Vanessa Cabrera, junior BSN student




Samira McWreath poses in her Kent State nursing scrubs.

Scholarship: Marsha and Dewey Wineland Nursing Scholarship

“I would like to thank the donors of the Wineland Nursing Scholarship for allowing me to continue my path to becoming a nurse and supporting my dreams. It means the world to know that there are people out there who are so willing to dedicate time, money, and resources to students they do not know,” exclaimed junior nursing student Samira McWreath. “It is important for the donors to know how grateful I am that I was awarded this scholarship. I hope one day I can become a donor and help students in financial need the same way I am being helped.” - Samira McWreath, junior BSN student



If you are interested in learning more about how to start your own scholarship for a deserving student in the College of Nursing, please reach out to Corey Hukill, Director of Advancement, at 330-672-8753 or at

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