Giving Tuesday News & Emergency Fund Helps Students Survive and Thrive

From Touch Point Online Magazine, Fall 2020 – Vol. IIII, Issue 3

From November 9 through December 1, 2020, Kent State University will once again participate in Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday serves as a day to reflect on philanthropy in a time of the year often focused on consumerism. As in years past, the College of Nursing will be featured as we work to raise additional support for our emergency fund the “Race into Finals Emergency Fund”.

So far this year, we have distributed more than $20,000 to College of Nursing students who were facing economic hardships due to the pandemic. This aid has been crucial in keeping our students attending classes and clinicals and ultimately becoming nurses. Throughout Giving Tuesday, the College of Nursing community has a unique opportunity to help grow this crucial fund thanks to the generosity of the Kent State University Foundation Board, and a group of amazing nursing alumni and friends. Here is what you can expect as we ramp up to Giving Tuesday:

  1. Matching Gifts: There will be numerous opportunities to have your gift matched dollar for dollar.
    1. A group of College of Nursing alumni and friends have come together to offer more than $5,000 in matching dollars. Opportunities to have your gift matched will be announced throughout the month of November and on Giving Tuesday. Stay tuned!
  2. Participation Boost
    1. From November 9 - November 30, for every 20 unique gifts the College of Nursing receives, an additional $500 will be added to the emergency fund.
  3. Weekly Challenges
    1. In the weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday, challenges will be announced offering bonuses and matching dollars.
  4. Leave a Nursing Student a Note
    1. When you make a gift during the Giving Tuesday campaign, you will have the opportunity to leave a note that will be shared with our students.

The “Race into Finals Emergency Fund” has served as a lifeline for many of our students. Just how important is this emergency support? Here is what it meant to the recipients themselves…


“Receiving the Race into Finals Emergency Fund has helped me through the past few months as I was financially unstable, out of work due to a restaurant closure, and unsure of how I was going to pay for my education. With this fund, I am now certain I can afford my return to Kent State for the fall semester and will be able to finish my education.” Nicole, Junior


“Receiving these funds from the Race into Finals Emergency fund has given me more financial security. As an essential healthcare worker, I am the only working person in my household. This change has given me more financial responsibility to support my family, thus causing increased anxiety about being able to pay for my last year of school. With this emergency aid, my anxiety has been eased.” Rachel, Senior

Throughout the month of November, culminating with Giving Tuesday on December 1, please consider making a gift to support the “Race into Finals Emergency Fund”. Follow our social media and check your inbox for your chance to participate. If you are interested in making a gift to help add to our matching gift pool, please contact Corey Hukill at or at 330-571-0962.

POSTED: Monday, September 21, 2020 - 4:32pm
UPDATED: Friday, December 4, 2020 - 4:09pm
Corey Hukill