Two Full-time Faculty Join College of Nursing

From Touch Point Online Magazine, Fall 2022 – Vol. VI, Issue 3

The college welcomed two full-time faculty at the start of the fall 2022 semester.


Headshot of Kimberly Haag
Two-time alumna Kimberly Haag, BSN ’14, MSN ‘19, RN, CCRN, joins Kent State University College of Nursing as a faculty member teaching in the BSN program. She comes to Kent State from University Hospitals where she worked in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).   

“Nursing is challenging, but it is also incredibly rewarding. I wanted to pursue a career where I could continually learn and grow,” explained Haag. “The ICU is a great specialty to go into if you want to constantly learn, hone your critical thinking and practice autonomy.”

Becoming a nursing faculty member has also been a long-time dream for Haag.

“When I was a BSN student at Kent State, this was my dream position. Being responsible for molding students into patient advocates, critical thinkers and compassionate caregivers is a privilege, and I take that responsibility very seriously,” expressed Haag.” Additionally, teaching was another way to be like her role model, her mother. “My mother is an ICU nurse, and she teaches as well. She is one of the warmest people I know. I have followed in her footsteps, and I hope to be at least half the nurse and educator she is!”

Prior to her full-time faculty position, Haag taught for three years as a hospital educator and clinical instructor for Kent State College of Nursing, in addition to training new hires at the bedside. These experiences have helped to shape her teaching style.

“Not every person has the same learning style. I have learned various teaching modalities to help ensure an individual is successful,” explained Haag. “One of my favorite ways to teach is to ask questions and help guide the learner to the answer. I never want to give someone the answer, rather, I want the person I’m teaching to utilize their critical thinking skills and feel confident after talking with me.”

Haag hopes to inspire her students to become lifelong learners throughout their careers.

“I want my students to understand that even though nursing school is challenging, the career itself is so rewarding and worth it,” said Haag. “I hope they always remember their ‘why’ of becoming a nurse and continue asking questions. If you are ever unsure, always double check. No one knows everything. Never be afraid to ask!”

When not at work, Haag can be found enjoying several adventurous hobbies.

“My family and I love to musky fishing. They are huge and put up a fight,” exclaimed Haag. “I have gone skydiving, snorkeled with sharks, zip lined in Hawaii and more. While I love to travel and explore, I also enjoy the relaxing moments in the presence of family and friends.”



Headshot of Jake Nicholson
Two-time alum Jake Nicholson, BSN ’12, MSN ‘19, RN, CCRN, MS, recently accepted a full-time undergraduate faculty position with Kent State University College of Nursing where he began teaching nursing interventions and critical care this semester. Nicholson is no stranger to Kent State, having completed his bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and then returning to complete a bachelor and master’s degree in nursing.

Having begun his healthcare career as an exercise physiologist, Nicholson enjoyed working with his patients and later became interested in the nursing profession when a friend was accepted to an accelerated nursing program. Nicholson explained nursing felt like the next logical step. He went on to specialize in critical care.

“I enjoy the complexity of the patients and the critical thinking involved as a nurse, along with being there for people who are going through possibly the worst moment of their or their loved one’s lives. The camaraderie and company of my colleagues has also been a joy,” said Nicholson. “Teaching critical care is home base for me. My students are learning management of the sickest of the sick in this course.”

Recognizing the physical and mental challenges that the nursing profession can take on individuals, Nicholson makes it a priority to unwind and relax.

“I play guitar and work on music often,” he said. “I also enjoy spending time with my wife going on walks. We are looking to add a puppy to our family soon!”

When the position at Kent State opened, Nicholson said it was the obvious choice for him as an alum to apply. He hopes to encourage his students to be their best selves with the tools and information he provides in his classroom.

“I always knew I wanted to continue to work with the university in some capacity. I started teaching clinical in 2015 and couldn’t be happier to be faculty now,” he shared. “That moment when the light bulb goes off in a student’s mind and you can see it on their face is my favorite thing about teaching.”

One of the most memorable moments of Nicholson’s career thus far was being asked to be the guest speaker for the Kent State University College of Nursing’s summer 2019 BSN Convocation ceremony. Looking towards the future, he hopes to add to his career highlights by becoming involved with research.  


Welcome to the College of Nursing team, Kim and Jake!  We are happy to have you here at Kent State!

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