Ph.D. Nursing Faculty Research Interests | College of Nursing | Kent State University

Ph.D. Faculty Research Interests

The Ph.D. in Nursing program is a joint program with the University of Akron and includes faculty from both universities.

The list below includes the faculty member's contact information and research interests.

Kent State University

University of Akron

Sheau-Huey Chiu, Ph.D., MS, BSN
Associate  Professor

Research interests: Child health/health promotion and information technology


Michelle Dumpe, Ph.D., MS, MSN, BSN
Visiting Associate Professor

Research interests: Supply of and Demand for Nurses


Christine Heifner-Graor, Ph.D., MSN, PMHCNS-BC
Associate Professor

Research interests: Health promotion and intentional self-change, related to health/weight loss maintenance, croup involvement, associated meanings, Qualitative methods.


Marlene Huff, MSN, Ph.D.
Director, School of Nursing

Research interests: Health promotion in vulnerable populations, Oral health care, Mother-infant health


Lori Kidd, Ph.D., RN
Assistant Professor

Research interests: Interventions that increase mindfulness, Awareness and decrease stigma towards at risk populations (seriously mentally ill, those living in poverty), Educational effectiveness of simulation strategies in mental health nursing


Carolyn Murrock, Ph.D., MEd, RN
Associate Professor

Research interests: Testing behavior interventions, specifically dance, to improve health outcomes in vulnerable populations


Carrie Scotto, Ph.D., RN
Associate Professor

Research interests: Heart Failure, Cardiac Rehab, Adherence to prescribed treatment and self-management Ethics, Ethical decision making, Acute and Critical care nursing interventions


Linda Shanks, Ph.D., DNP, RN
Associate Professor, DNP Coordinator, Interim Assistant Director of Graduate Programs

Research interests: Teaching and Learning Cardiac Nursing (Health Beliefs, Quality of Life)