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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the RN-to-BSN program?

The RN-to-BSN program can take as little as 12 months to complete. Your total time will depend on the number of eligible transfer credits and whether you choose to complete your classes at a part-time or full-time rate. Part-time students take one course at a time and can complete the degree requirements in about 18-22 months on average. Full-time students take two courses at a time and can complete the degree requirements in 12-14 months.

How long are the courses?

All of the RN-to-BSN nursing courses are offered in a 7-week format. Kent Core and Foundational Courses are generally offered in a 15-week format.

Are there any on-campus requirements?

No, there aren't on-campus requirements for this program.

Will my diploma say "Online" Degree?

No. You will receive the same "Bachelor of Science in Nursing" degree as our on-campus students.

Is this 100% online program accredited?

Yes. Kent State University is regionally accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS); the program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing.

Can I apply for the program even if I am still completing my associate's degree or diploma program?

Maybe. If you are currently enrolled in an Associate's or Diploma nursing program, you can apply to the RN-to-BSN program as long as you have fully completed your RN program and are near graduation. Once you have received the degree and confirm the conferred date, you would be eligible to apply to this program and start taking non-nursing courses. Students are eligible to begin taking the core nursing courses upon passing the NCLEX exam.

I have a bachelors degree in another field, as well as my associate's degree in nursing and my nursing license. Would I receive transfer credits for my prior studies?

Kent State evaluates all credits from the diploma, associate, and baccalaureate levels, providing students the opportunity to transfer up to 33 nursing credits, for a maximum of 92 total transfer credits. All students must complete 120 total credits to earn their BSN degree with Kent State University. All students receive a transfer credit evaluation and personalized degree plan. For more information, please visit the Required Courses page, or contact an Enrollment Advisor.

How flexible is the program, in the event that I have an unexpected family emergency?

This program is a very flexible option for the registered nurse. If an emergency arises and the student needs to take time off, the program format and schedule can accommodate this absence. The student would merely skip the current 7-week course or the semester, and then rejoin the program when the next set of classes starts. There are 6 start dates per year, offering students the flexibility to start courses in the best term that suits their schedule, and re-join the program as soon as possible in the event of an emergency. Those requiring Financial Aid through Federal Stafford Loans will need to keep in mind that they need to have a minimum of 6 credits in any given semester to qualify for minimum student loans.

How much does the program cost?

Please visit the Tuition and Costs page for current program costs. Tuition is calculated per credit hour. All nursing courses are 3 credits each. Please note that each person's overall tuition varies depending on if they are an Ohio or out-of-state student, and according to their personal degree plan. Each student receives a custom degree plan to account for as many transfer credits as possible. The degree plan is provided prior to registration and will allow you to calculate your total estimated costs. Please contact an Enrollment Advisor for more specific information on transfer credits, the individualized degree plans, or if you have questions about Financial Aid.

I am not an Ohio resident. Is this program offered in my state?

Maybe. In order to be compliant with federal and state laws related to online education and consumer protection, as well as State professional licensure/certification regulations, Kent State University may not be able offer online programs to students residing in certain states. In addition, some state laws may impose limitations that could affect a program of study, including inability to offer clinical practicum courses. Since these regulations undergo continuous updates, non-Ohio residents interested in pursuing any College of Nursing online program are advised to consult official Kent State information on state authorization before applying to this program, by contacting the Office of Student Services at 330-672-7911.

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