Follow Up to Instructors Regarding University New Safety Protocols Announcement

As was announced in a previous message to the university, three feet of physical distancing will no longer be required in the classroom. The use of face coverings also will no longer be required indoors. Therefore, you may wish to make changes to the physical configurations of the courses you are teaching for the 2021 Fall Semester, particularly if you feel there will be significant academic benefit to you and your students to be teaching and learning in a face-to-face environment. 

Changes you may wish to consider are:

  1. Increasing the capacity of your course(s) in their currently assigned classroom(s). In most cases, this change can be easily implemented.
  2. Moving your course(s) to a different classroom but maintaining the current course capacity.
  3. Moving your synchronous remote course to in-person delivery. Currently, we are at near full capacity so there are very limited opportunities to move additional remote courses to in-person instruction. Only consider moving your synchronous remote course to in-person delivery if (a) other sections of the same course are being delivered in a synchronous remote format and have available seats or (b) you are willing, with appropriate support, to have students attend your in-person course remotely.  

Please note that because of limited classroom availability, request for changes are not guaranteed but every effort will be made to meet your request(s).

Any changes to the course schedule cannot include changes to the time the course is delivered.

Faculty will have no role in assessing vaccination status or enforcing face covering requirements in their classrooms. 
If you wish to make any of the changes listed above, please complete this form by July 2.  

Your submission will be shared with your academic unit, academic course scheduler and the Office of the Registrar. Someone will contact you soon to update you on the status of your course. Please contact your chair/director/dean, as applicable, or course scheduler if you have any additional questions.