Reenvisioning the Kent Core


Message from Co-Chairs Manfred van Dulmen, Ph.D. and Alison Smith, Ph.D.

Manfred van Dulmen HeadshotDear Colleagues:

Nearly all public universities in the U.S. have a general education program which provides students with (a) a foundation in liberal education, (b) fundamental skills to be successful in their major and (c) key competencies to become successful global citizens. Kent State University’s general education program, the Kent Core, is distributed in thirty-six credits across different core areas. All Kent State University undergraduate students are required to complete the Kent Core. A general set of university wide general education requirements was established at Kent State University in 1983.

Alison Smith HeadshotWe now have an opportunity to reenvision our Kent Core program to ensure it meets the goals of general education, is consistent with Kent State University’s mission and vision, and prepares students for success. We look forward working with you on this strategic planning process over the next few years.