You've heard the expression, 'think globally, act locally’? This is a national project with immediate local implications; thousands of students are getting the same survey. And people will be interested in what undergraduate students as a group think about their education. But it's also important that your school find out directly from you about your experience and then share what it learns through comparisons with other colleges and universities. This will, possibly for the first time, give your faculty and administrators an answer to the question: 'How well are we doing?'

Survey results provide information that we can act on quickly. Your answers combined with those of your classmates will identify areas that Kent State University can examine more closely. For example, compared with other schools like ours, do students have more or less meaningful contact with faculty? Do students at our University study more or less than students at other schools? Do you and your classmates think that we support them in their efforts? Answers to these and other questions on this survey will pinpoint areas that need immediate attention.

Finally, this survey differs from most others you get because what you say will become part of a continuing study that people at our school as well as hundreds of other colleges and universities will continue to use for the foreseeable future. So, your answers will not only help our school, but many others as well.