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Manfred van Dulmen headshot

Message from Chair Manfred van Dulmen, Ph.D., senior associate provost and dean, Graduate College

The Division of Academic Affairs is pleased to announce the launch of The Golden Road to Student Success, our continuous strategic plan. Kent State’s values and priorities and the university’s primary objective, to keep students first in all we do, guides this plan.

In 2021, the Division of Academic Affairs embarked on a two-year planning process, engaging over 155 faculty, staff and students who worked to develop a continuous plan that reenvisions stagnant five-year plans and creates an ongoing roadmap that is meaningful and intentional, and does not live solely on paper. In addition to identifying overarching goals and objectives for the division, subcommittees also created strategies and tactics for the coming years, which provided an opportunity for the university community to make certain that our academic strategies align with the changing landscape of higher education as well as with the interests and needs of our students in the next decade.

I would like to share my gratitude to all 155 students, faculty and staff who have volunteered to help navigate this journey and support our university in this effort. These volunteers have come together to understand what we learned and accomplished through the previous strategic plan and engaged in strategic visioning and listening, which resulted in meaningful goals with strategies and tactics that will further enhance the academic experience for all Golden Flashes.  

We look forward to engaging with all of you on the strategic tactics that are detailed in this plan and sharing the results of our success.