Establish a University-Wide Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative Education Programs allow students to augment their academic study with an approved semester of full-time, career-related employment while still remaining a full-time student. Kent State will pilot this program through the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology (CAEST) in Fall 2014. Only students with a declared major in CAEST are able to participate in the pilot program and the co-op position must directly relate to student’s major or concentration. Additionally, students must be enrolled as a full-time student, admitted into a degree program, have a cumulative 2.750 GPA, have no holds on their record, and must complete two semesters (one semester for transfer students) prior to their first co-op rotation. Students will stay enrolled by registering for COOP 20092 Cooperative Education course. Since the course carries no academic credit or grade, it will not count toward students’ earned hours, GPA, residence, class standing, academic standing, or institutional honors. The course will, however, be counted toward full-time enrollment and the Experiential Learning Requirement. Students are not eligible to receive financial aid or scholarships during the term they are on co-op assignment, but these awards can be reinstated upon their return to regular coursework.

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