Faculty helps EMSA to recruit and retain students

College and department faculty and representatives have been helping EMSA with recruiting initiatives by participating in prospective student visitation programs hosted by the Admissions Office. Faculty share valuable information at a college fair type setting and give presentations and tours specifically focused on their academic specialty. Prospective students and parents are seeking this direct contact with the academic program of interest as they engage in their college search. Examples of some of the programs include Preview KSU for high school seniors, Preview KSU for high school juniors, Multicultural Visit Days, Golden Flash Days (yield programs for admitted students), etc.

Academic departments also partner with Admissions by offering regular academic information sessions to prospective students and their family members who come for the daily campus tours. These session times are promoted on the website with the visit campus information. Faculty, staff, and current students in academic areas also make direct contact with admitted students through telephone calls and/or email to encourage them to come to Kent State. 

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