Faculty Members learn about administration through Fellowship Programs

Provost Fellow: The Provost's fellowship provides faculty members who have an interest in academic administration. The program provides the opportunity to to develop knowledge, skills and experience as an administrator; to understand practices and procedures in academic administration; to extend and strengthen the administrative resources of the university; to assist in the development and implementation of projects in key areas; and to provide ongoing faculty involvement and input into the activities of the Office of the Provost.

Regional Campus Fellow: In its inaugural year of 2013–2014, the Regional Campus Fellow is a one semester appointment that allows a Regional Campus faculty member to learn more about Regional Campus and University administration. 

College Fellow: Some colleges have elected to appoint college fellows. For example, the CCI Administrative Fellowship program is designed to introduce CCI faculty members to the activities and responsibilities of college office administration. At the beginning of the term of appointment, the Administrative Fellow meets with the Dean to develop a schedule of eight hours per week to be spent in the Fellowship activities.  

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