Policy review aimed at removing barriers to student success

The Provost appointed an Ad Hoc Committee on Academic Polices and Student Success, comprised of faculty, faculty senators, staff and administrators, to review academic policies that may create bottlenecks and/or delays for students reaching their goals. Policies and practices have been reviewed for the following:

  • Require continuous registration for remediation for undergraduates (Fall 2014)
  • Lower the university minimum credit hours for graduation to 120 hours (Fall 2014)
  • Allow undergraduate students to satisfy program requirements to meet university minimum credit hours for graduation, and not program total hours (Fall 2014)
  • Allow student to earn retroactive credit for advanced placement (Fall 2014)
  • Remove an overall restriction of alternative credit combined, e.g., AP, CLEP (Fall 2014)
  • Decrease the amount of time a student can add a course without instructor approval from the end of the second week to the end of the first week after the semester begins (Fall 2014)

This group is continuing its work and developing additional proposals to be implemented for Fall 2015.

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