Kent State University will share the results in summary form with faculty, staff, student leaders, and other groups that have a 'need to know' what it's like being an undergraduate student. Most colleges have an assessment committee that collects information about various aspects of institutional performance, including the student experience. Our assessment committee will analyze information from The Report very carefully and use it in their own reports and in future planning for other assessment activities.

Kent State University will also use the information in reporting to external authorities, such as regional accrediting agencies, which are responsible to the general public for assuring quality in higher education. We may also share the results with other institutions in order to learn how your school compares. Finally, the information will be of keen interest to prospective students as it reveals what you and other students do and think of their education. So, there are some very different uses, all important . Perhaps the most important is for Kent State University to learn about you and your classmates, and where it should focus attention to improve.