Applied Psychology Center

Founded in 1986 by a grant from the Ohio Board of Regents, the Applied Psychology Center (APC) is a non-profit organization within the Department of Psychological Sciences whose mission is to foster applied research addressing important social problems. The APC is maintained through extramural grant support awarded to department faculty. 

The APC is founded on the belief that psychological science can make a special contribution to society. Psychology can aid our understanding of the interaction between people and social institutions, identifying how individuals learn and develop, how they confront and are affected by demands across the lifespan, and how they sustain physical and mental health. Psychology can aid our understanding of multicultural processes and gender issues and can help support individuals within families, work, and society at large.

A major goal of the APC is to promote scholarly psychological research and practice concerning applied problems by improving student training and enhancing facility expertise in these areas. By facilitating faculty and student psychosocial research and directing these efforts toward problems of social significance, the APC seeks to catalyze the research and discovery process and foster applied scholarship. Our goal is to motivate researchers to consider, foster, and advance the applied value of their work.

Please be aware of new deadlines for awards. See below:

  • Due September 1: Visiting Scholar (anytime, but encouraged to be submitted by Sept. 1); Faculty Fellowship (Spring); Multi-Term Research Development Award; Large Research Award; Undergraduate Fall Internship; Graduate Student Research Fellowship (Spring)
  • Due December 1: Undergraduate Spring Internship; Grant Development Research Award; Summer Faculty Fellowship; Visiting Scholar
  • Due February 1: Upward Bound Summer Internship
  • Due February 15: Summer APC Fellowship
  • Due April 1Undergraduate Summer Internship; Faculty Fellowship (Fall); Early Career Faculty Fellowship; Graduate Student Research Fellowship (Fall), Publication Productivity; Collaborative Research Award; Graduate Student Paper Award; Graduate Student Under-Researched Population Award
  • Anytime: APC Equipment Award; Community Research Fellowship; Consultation Award; Faculty Travel for Consultation; Small Research Award; Symposia Sponsorship; Under-Researched Population Award; Graduate Student Matching Grant; Graduate Student Predoctoral Grant Award



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