Study Abroad in Florence

"Florence was the absolute best thing that could have happened to my college career. Studying abroad revolutionizes your entire perspective of the world and those who live in it. It seems obvious looking back now, but this experience will alter your education, relationships, career, and goals: all for the better." (—Madeline)

General information about studying abroad in Florence, Italy can be found here and the Office of Global Education

If you are hoping to study abroad in Florence during the summer, you can learn more about the Summer Institute.

Dr. Janis Crowther will be teaching a course called, “Body Image in the 21st Century” at the 2020 Florence Summer Institute. 

It is also possible to study psychology in Florence for a full semester.

Here’s a shorter video about the semester study abroad experience in Florence, Italy, and here’s a longer video about the summer institute study abroad experience that provides more details on classes and interviews with instructors.