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Careers for Psychology Majors

Graduating Students

There are many career options for Psychology majors. Bachelor’s degree holders can find jobs in fields like human resources (in corporate settings as well as health care settings as victim’s advocates, mental health technicians, case managers, and more), public relations, marketing, finance, and more. Students who go on to get a masters degree often work in psychology or psychology-related fields such as social work. Psychology majors can also go on to pursue doctorate-level education in psychology as well as many other disciplines such as anthropology, biology, sociology, and more as well as medical school to specialize in psychiatry or other fields. Students with a Bachelors in psychology can also pursue advanced education in other fields such as physician assistants’ programs, law school, business administration, and more.

The career options for Psychology majors are vast and can feel overwhelming. To view more career resources, follow the links on the left-hand toolbar. You may also want to consider meeting with an advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences or the Department of Psychological Sciences or a career advisor with the Career Exploration and Development Office.