Department of Psychological Sciences Resources

The Department of Psychological Sciences offers a variety of equipment, resources, and study space to its faculty, postdocs, and students, including: poster printing services, research copier, color scanning and printing, and rentals (such as Palm Pilots and a Canon camera).


Animal Research Facility - A fully AAALAC-accredited testing and animal care facility where much of the department's behavioral neuroscience research is conducted.

The Applied Psychology Center - A nonprofit organization within the department whose mission is to foster applied research addressing important social problems.

The Psyche Newsletter - Read about current activities and events in the department

Student Facilities

Graduate Computing Lab - Computing resources and statistical software packages, such as SPSS, are available to current graduate students.

Undergraduate Lounge - A place on the first floor for undergraduate students to relax and study between classes.

Graduate Lounge - A place on the second floor for the graduate students to relax and study.

2nd Floor Foyer Study Area - A newly renovated, sunny study area outside the second floor balcony is equipped with desks and couches that support laptops and tablets.

Poster Printing Services

Poster printing service is available for faculty and students in the Department of Psychological Sciences to produce professional posters at a nominal cost for research conferences. Posters for activities can be accommodated under special circumstances. The poster printer is housed in office 144A. The hours of operation are during business hours.

The poster printer is capable of printing professional quality posters. The cost for posters that use the conference templates (see below) is $20. Posters outside the templates below are $35. Cardboard tubes are available for an additional $3. The APC is only able to accept payments in cash, checks, or internal/university indexes (including APC awards). Checks can be made out to "Kent State University". Please be sure to have proofed your poster thoroughly for any errors. The APC will not proofread for errors. Text boxes and font sizes can be moved and adjusted to accommodate your study's information, logos and so on.

Templates for conferences:

Please send the PowerPoint file of your poster at least five business days in advance via email, along with your method of payment (e.g., internal account, APC award, cash).

KSU Facilities and Resources

KSU Facilities and Resources Template - This is a template resources/facilities page that can be used in the department to help with applications.