PSYCHE Newsletter

The PSYCHE is the Department of Psychological Sciences' yearly newsletter, where you can stay up-to-date with recent department news and learn more about department faculty, staff and alumni.

All issues are available as downloadable pdf's -

  • 2018 Issue - 50th Anniversary PhD Alumni Reunion Special Edition
  • 2016 Issue - Exciting developments with the addition of the SOLE Center; expansion of our advising and career services; many departmental achievements; and much more.
  • 2014 Issue - We welcome several new faculty, postdocs, and staff; chat with Dr. Nancy Docherty; Congratulate Dr. Katherine Rawson on receiving the university's prestigious Outstanding Research and Scholar Award; and much more.
  • 2013 Issue - Welcome to several new members of the faculty and staff; chat with Dr. John Akamatsu about his retirement; Dr. John Gunstad receives the university's prestigious Outstanding Research and Scholar Award; and Dr. Robert K. Klepac shares a few of his favorite memories from Kent State University.
  • 2012 Issue - Dr. Neal-Barnett receives Harold K. Stubbs Humanitarian Award; Dr. Riccio Festschrift update and new lecture series; Kent Hall receives a donation of art work; Dr. Gunstad's research in the news; Profile of new faculty members Dr. Flessner, Dr. Jasnow, and Dr. Spitznagel.
  • 2011 Issue - Upcoming Festschrift honoring Dr. Riccio;  In memory of Dr. Catherine Murphy Wilde;  Profile of new faculty Dr. Karin Coifman;  Dr. Rawson honored at White House; Interview with Pat John;  Dr. Dunlosky receives Distinguished Scholar Award
  • 2009 Issue - Dr. Rawson wins Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers; Interview with Dr. Hirschman; Dr. Akamatsu talks about the Psychological Clinic; Profile of Ph.D. Alumna Dr. Terry Stancin.
  • 2008 Issue - Interview with our new chair, Dr. Mary Ann Stephens; Profiles of Dr. Jeff Ciesla & Dr. Maria Zaragoza, and Ph.D. alumna Dr. Jennifer Ackil; Profiles of new administrators Dr. Lester Lefton, Dr. Timothy Moerland & Dr. Robert Frank.
  • 2007 Issue - Diane Poston wins KSU's Distinguished Staff Award; In memory of Dr. Jeanette Reuter; Profiles of Dr. Nancy Docherty, Dr. Dan Neal, Dr. John Gunstad, and alumna Dr. Paula Hartman-Stein.
  • 2006 Issue - Applied Psychology Center's 20 year anniversary; Reuter Graduate Fellowship in Developmental Science; Profiles of Dr. Ben Newberry, Dr. Doug Delahanty; In memory of Dr. Hal Page.
  • 2005 Issue - Alumni Reunion and Celebration of the Kent Hall Addition; Profiles of Dr. Jack Graham and Dr. John Gunstad.
  • 2004 Issue - In memory of Dr. Roy Lilly; Profiles of Dr. David Riccio, and new junior faculty members Drs. Dunlosky, Fresco, Joynes, Hughes, Rawson, Updegraff & van Dulmen.

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