Multicultural and Diversity Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kent State University, Department of Psychological Sciences, Multicultural and Diversity Committee (MDC) is to make a positive difference in the education of all students within the department through the promotion of an atmosphere of multicultural acceptance, competence, and diversity.


MDC's Constitution is a written document that establishes the rules and principles of the committee. The constitution defines the fundamental principles, and establishes the structure, procedures, powers and duties, of the committee.

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Alex Chong teaching high school Upward Bound students during the team-taught Psychology course provided for the 2015 Summer Upward Bound Program at Kent State University. This is one of the MDC's many activities conducted to promote an atmosphere of diversity.





2019 - 2020 MDC


  • Past Chair: Jeanette Iskander (on internship)

  • Chair: Elizabeth Jean (email)

  • Chair-elect: Stanley Seah (email)


  • Legacy Chair: Tiffany Rowell (email)


  • Finance Chair: Nola Daley (email)

  • Finance Vice-Chair: Stanley Seah (email)


  • Resources Chair: Carli Obeldobel (email)

  • Resources Vice Chair: John Martin (email)


  • Public Relations Chair: Delilah Ellzey (email)

  • Public Relations Vice-Chair: Aimee Hammer (email)


  • Recruitment & Retention Chair: Nicolle Simonovic (email)

  • Recruitment & Retention Vice-Chair: Keaton Somerville (email)


Members at Large (MDC Subcommittee):


  • Monica Garcia (Public Relations)

  • Natasha Sidhu (Legacy)

  • Logan Kochendofer (Recruitment & Retention)

  • Emily Rabinowitz (Recruitment & Retention)

  • Marielle Samii (Recruitment & Retention)

  • Jordan Weith (Recruitment & Retention)


Faculty Advisors:



Are you interested in joining the Multicultural and Diversity Committee or participating in activities? 

If so, please contact the Chair.  Thank you very much for your interest.