Committee Events

The MDC is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the psychological sciences program. Each semester, we host a series of events tailored to the undergraduate and graduate community.

Undergraduate Student Events:

Each semester, there are two-three events open to all undergraduate students. These events cover an array of topics, such as research being done in the department, options for graduate school, how to build a resume, and issues related to the field of psychology. Additionally, each Spring, we host a Master’s Degree Info Fair, for which we invite representatives from Master’s Degree programs in relevant fields (e.g., Social Work, Counseling, School Psychology) in Northeast Ohio. This is also a chance to speak with current graduate students in these programs. Contact the MDC president for more information on current events.

Students attend the MDC's annual Master's and Therapy Degrees Fair
in 2023.

Dr. Joel Hughes presents to undergraduate students about
career pathways in psychology (Fall 2023).

Graduate Student Events:

We host several events each semester meant to promote community within the department and increase awareness about various societal issues.  Examples below: 

Taste of Diversity:  The Multicultural and Diversity Committee hosts a Taste of Diversity potluck in the fall and the spring of each school year.  Students and faculty have prepared a wide range of delicious ethnic foods and the department was invited to sample these over some good conversation.  Beginning in the spring of 2009, the Multicultural and Diversity Committee decided to implement a donation process to charities or organizations that promote diversity, provide services to minority groups, or provide disaster-relief to victims and survivors.  The MDC has donated to the following charities and organizations:

Lunch and Learn: Graduate students and faculty discuss how to consider cultural matters in clinical practice, research, and teaching. In AY 2023-2024 we focused on disability and accessibility. In Fall 2023 we hosted a lunch and learn on disability justice. In spring 2024 we will host a workshop on accessibility in the classroom.  

Professional Development: MDC’s subcommittee on Graduate Student Events and Programming is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for professional development related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We routinely attend local events, trainings, and programming. Recently, we began a “Lunch and Learn” series where MDC members discuss DEI issues, including disability justice. 

Logo for the Reimagining the Academy conference.
MDC members presented MDC’s work at this
multi-university conference in Fall 2023. 

Equal Access Academy Cooperative Trainings throughout the semester 


Taste of Diversity