Are there important departmental deadlines with respect to graduate training?

Thesis Topic Approval Form
  • Graduate students in the clinical program need to file their Thesis Topic Approval Form by the end of Summer III of their first year. 
  • There is no deadline for graduate students in the Psychological Science program.
  • However, the Thesis Topic Approval Form must be filed no later than the semester preceding that in which the student expects to receive his/her degree.
  • It is the Department's expectation that graduate students in the clinical and psychological science degree programs will have completed all of their coursework by the end of their third year. 
Receipt of the Master's degree
  • Because many of the clinical placements now require students to have their master's degree before they begin their clinical placement, clinical students are expected to graduate with the master's degree by the Spring semester of their third year.
  • For budgetary reasons, the Department only pays for Dissertation I (plus 1 CH of Supervised Clinical Experience for clinical students) beginning in the Fall semester of a student's fourth year. Students who have not graduated with the master's degree by this time may have to pay the difference between masters and doctoral level tuition until they complete the MA, which can result in significant out of pocket expenses.
Admission to the Doctoral Program
  • Master's students who are continuing on to the doctoral program must be matriculated into the doctoral program before they graduate with their master's degree. If they are not successfully matriculated into the doctoral program prior to their graduation, they have no official status with the University and need to reapply for admission to the University.
Dissertation Topic Approval Form
  • The prospectus must be defended and the Notification of Approved Dissertation Topic and Prospectus Form must be filed with the College of Arts and Sciences no later than the semester preceding that in which the candidate expects to receive the degree.