Process for Applying for Research Assistant (RA) Positions

(Please read thoroughly!)

1) Obtain a list of current RA positions—Go to the Department of Psychology webpage > “undergraduate” tab > “Research Opportunities” > “Positions Available.”

2) If you see an RA position that interests you, please contact the key contact person on the list—Laura is NOT the right person to ask questions regarding specific details about the lab, RA responsibilities, requirements, etc. Be sure to email the faculty or graduate student in a professional manner (i.e. professional greeting, check grammar, use punctuation) and indicate that you are interested in being an RA in the lab and are inquiring about the application process.

3) Each lab has a different application process, so you must adhere to that specific process.

4) If you are offered an RA position FOR CREDIT by the faculty member or grad student (see below for information on credits), see Tina Inks in 144 Kent Hall (main office) to pick up a “Research Request Form”. She will help you decide if you should register for the Research course, 31498, which is a pass/fail class and the more popular option, or the Individual Investigation course, 41498, which is a letter grade course . Tina will also explain the rest of the process to you (i.e. obtaining signatures, registering for the class, etc.) *Credits: 3 hours of research per week = 1 credit. The faculty member and/or graduate student will talk with you about how many hours per week they desire (or require). For example, if a lab wants 6 hours of work per week, you would be enrolled for 2 credits.

Some Notes:

  • You DO NOT have to be an RA for credit, although this is up to the faculty member
  • Up to 6 credits can count toward the psychology major elective requirements (3 for minors), but this is a combination of research (31498), individual investigation (41498), and internship (41492).
  • Up to 16 credits of these types of courses (research and internship) combined can count toward overall graduation requirements (up to 16 credits total can count towards the 121 credits needed for graduation/ 42 upper division credits needed).
  • **Note: Be aware of the Drop/Add period, which means you can drop a class without financial penalty or a “W” (withdraw) on your transcript. This is important to know because the university allows students to take a MAXIMUM of 16 credits per semester—after 16 credits, in-state students are charged $440 and out-of-state students are charged $880. So, if you are accepted as an RA this semester and you want to drop a class in order to stay within the maximum number of credits without being charged more for tuition (i.e. 16 credits), then be sure to do so BEFORE this period. 
  • Being involved in research (i.e. RA) DOES NOT allow you to filly our Writing Intensive requirement.
  • Research Experience satisfies the experiential learning requirement (this only applies to those in the 2012/2013 AND Later catalog years—i.e. 2013/2014, etc.).
  • Contact Laura Hilliker with any questions at , 330-672-2912, 142 Kent Hall