Amy Sato

Amy Sato

Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Office Location:
Room 219 Kent Hall
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Graduate Areas: 

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Child and Adolescent, Health

Research Interests:

My program of pediatric psychology research focuses on obesity and weight management in children and adolescents. Current research projects are focused on examining (a) the influence of stress (e.g., stress hormones) on adolescent health and weight management, (b) the role of family influences (e.g., parenting) for promoting healthy weight management, and (c) health disparities (e.g., low-income children) in the context of pediatric obesity risk and intervention. My lab is collaborating with pediatric weight management program at Akron Children's Hospital to conduct research aimed at understanding factors that influence childhood obesity risk and intervention.

Lab Site:  Child Health Lab


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Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2009)