STEP 2 - Determine If You Want Your Experience To Count As Course Credit (PSYC 31498/41498)

Once accepted into a lab, e-mail the faculty member/lab coordinator associated with your lab if you are seeking to complete your research experience for course credit as either Undergraduate Research (PSYC 31498 – graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading scale) or Individual Investigation (PSYC 41498 – graded using a traditional letter grade, A-F, scale).  Every credit hour of PSYC 31498/41498 requires a minimum 45 hour commitment in one’s lab throughout the semester (e.g., approximately 3-4 hours per week during a Fall/Spring semester).

  • Important: Depending on one's Catalog Year, Bachelor of Science (BS) majors must complete at least 3-6 credits (depending on one's Catalog Year requirements) of PSYC 31498/41498 in addition to Research Writing in Psychology (PSYC 41980; or PSYC 41990) to fulfill their “Application of Psychological Science Area” degree requirement before they can graduate with a BS degree.
  • Important: For the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree, Advanced Research Methods (PSYC 42574) can count as 3 credits towards one's “Application of Psychological Science Area” degree requirement category, but students generally must complete their remaining credits (if applicable, depending on one's Catalog Year) in this category by completing research or individual investigation in a faculty member's lab (PSYC 31498/41498) along with Research Writing in Psychology (PSYC 41980) or by completing one of our highly competitive and research-focused Lab Experience courses (PSYC 41573/41574) – which have several pre-requisites (including a 3.2 GPA) and instructor approval.  If you are a BS major needing additional credits in this category and do not feel this is possible, you should strongly consider switching your major to the Bachelor of Arts degree – click here for instructions.