Which faculty members are accepting new students?

The following faculty mentors will consider applications for new PhD students for the 2024-2025 incoming doctoral class. GRE scores are not required to apply to our graduate programs, however applicants can choose to submit GRE score if they wish. If an applicant submits GRE scores, some of our faculty consider the scores in evaluating applicants, whereas other faculty do not. The table below indicates whether a faculty member considers the GRE in evaluating applicants.

  • Dr. Sarah Black - considers GRE
  • Dr. Kathleen Casto - considers GRE
  • Dr. Jeff Ciesla - considers GRE
  • Dr. Chris Flessner - does not consider GRE
  • Dr. Judith Gere - considers GRE
  • Dr. Mary Himmelstein - does not consider GRE
  • Dr. Joel Hughes - considers GRE
  • Dr. William Lechner - considers GRE
  • Dr. Angela Neal-Barnett - does not consider GRE
  • Dr. Amy Sato - considers GRE
  • Dr. Jennifer Taber - does not consider GRE
  • Dr. John Updegraff - considers GRE