Advanced Materials

Kent State has a 60-year history of leading in diverse aspects of research into solid-state materials, a legacy supported and strengthened by faculty from the College of the Arts, the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, the College of Aeronautics and Engineering, the College of Podiatric Medicine and the College of Public Health.

For example, Kent State is known as the birthplace of the ubiquitous liquid crystal display that almost everyone sees when they look at their smartphone. More than 50 of our faculty members conduct research into the development and application of advanced materials. In the College of Arts and Sciences, active faculty come from the departments of Physics, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science and the Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program. This faculty includes three state-funded endowed chairs, five fellows of the American Physical Society and two fellows of the Society for Information Display.

The stories in this section of our research magazine highlight just a few of our recent successes, but we promise — there’s much more to come!

Dr. John West