Faculty Resources

How We Work with Faculty

Whether you need to find funding for your research project, prepare a budget, submit a proposal or manage your grant, Research and Sponsored Programs can assist you.

We work with faculty one-on-one and offer workshops throughout the year. We help faculty comply with federal, state and university regulations and policies governing research. We connect faculty who seek collaborators, and we oversee limited submission grant opportunities for Kent State.

To foster and stimulate research efforts, creative projects and other scholarly activities, University Research Council has opportunities for financial support available for faculty and undergraduate students.

When you are ready to file for a patent or license your technology, we will work with you on commercialization opportunities.

Office of Research Compliance

Ensure you are compliant

Research projects are subject to federal, state, local and university laws and policies. Researchers who work with human or animal subjects must receive training and review their projects with institutional committees. The Office of Research Compliance will help you ensure that your research meets the required standards.

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