Finding RAED — A Photo Guide

Research and Economic Development is located in the Schwartz Center, at 800 E. Summit Street, across from Satterfield Hall.
This short photo tour will help you find us quickly.


1. The easiest way to reach us is through the Admissions Office entrance.
Use the sidewalk across the street from Risman Drive and the MAC Center parking lot, and head for the blue canopy.

  You'll see our name on the sign to the left of the entrance.


2. When you enter the lobby, walk straight ahead, where another sign will point you in our direction.



3. Take the stairs on your right up to the Admissions Lobby, where you'll find a snack bar, restrooms, and a seating area.
    Or just take the elevator to the left of the staircase straight up to the 2nd floor.
    (You can also access this lobby from the sidewalk along Morris Road, across from The Province and Eagles Landing Apartments.)


4. Just take the next flight of stairs (or elevator) to the second floor.


5. If you're looking for Conference Room 203 for IACUC or IRB meetings, you've arrived.
It's there to your right, next to the elevator.


6. For the main RAED offices, keep walking down the hall straight ahead, through the double doors.


7. The suite on your left is where you'll find Research Vice President Paul DiCorleto, Research General Counsel Doug Kubinski, Administrative Secretary Peggy Kramer,
Research Marketing and Communications Director Dan Pompili, Sponsored Programs Administrator Monica Morson, and Grants Coordinator Sue Goehring, as well as
Conference Rooms 202A and 206.


8. For the rest of the RAED team, including the Office of Research Compliance, Office of Technology Commercialization,
and Office of Student Research, proceed to the main suite just ahead, marked by the hanging hall sign, and the 207 wall placard.

WELCOME TO RAED! We look forward to helping you fund, initiate, manage, commercialize, and promote your research!