October 2018 Research and Innovation Forum

Research & Innovation Forum

Tuesday, October 9, 4 – 6 p.m.

Kent Student Center, Ballroom Balcony



Dr. Karin Coifman, Associate professor of psychology, Kent State University

Dr. Karin Coifman

Assoc. Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences

“Emotion, Stress, and Disease: Detecting Pathways of Risk for   

  Emotion-Related Disorders”


Dr. Gary Koski, Professor of Biological Sciences, Kent State University

Dr. Gary Koski

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
"Can We Make Vaccines Against Cancer?"


Dr. Deborah Smith, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Kent State University

Dr. Deborah Smith

Assoc. Professor, Department of Philosophy
“Metaphysical Modality and the Debate between Necessitarians and Contingentists Concerning Composition”


Research and Sponsored Programs (RASP) seeks to energize the Kent State Research Community and facilitate collaborations by bringing faculty from diverse disciplines together to learn about research and creative scholarship across the university.

Join us for brief talks by three of your colleagues, followed by a reception, during which attendees and speakers can interact over appetizers and a drink.