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Marrakesh, Morocco market. Photo by Annie Spratt on Upsplash

Food is all around us — and it’s not just a means for survival, but a way of learning about culture, a mode of sharing celebrations and entertainment, a category of media consumption. In Fall 2021, the Kent State course “Media, Food & Foodways” will explore the way food connects us.

Aidan Taylor Shares His Views on American's History with Racism

Aidan Taylor, a senior who is seeking a double major in Digital Media Production and Pan African Studies, encourages the campus community to examine the United States' long history of racism and its impact on the future of our country.

Mikey Indriolo

While locked down in their apartments or family homes, students in the Kent State course Journalism and Documentary are telling a story that future generations and historians will one day discuss: What was college life like when the coronavirus pandemic changed the world? 

Division of Research & Economic Development
Kent State's "We the People" Exhibition on Display near the Esplanade Arch in May 2019

Kent State University is pleased and proud to announce the return of “We the People,” a photography exhibition that shines a light on our common humanity.