A peer-reviewed article by Meghan Harper, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, titled “Using Literature to Help Students Who Hurt,” has been published in Ohio Media SpectrumJournal of the Ohio Educational Library Media Association (OELMA), 68(1), 45-57.

Christine Hudak, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, has been accepted as a contributing author to the book (tentatively) titled The Handbook of Continuing Professional Development for the Health IT Professional, to be published by HIMSS in 2017. Her chapter, “The Many Facets of Continuing Education,” will appear in the section on “The Importance of Lifelong Learning.”

Emad Khazraee, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, co-authored a paper titled "A Networked Reaction to the 2015 Ankara Attack in the Turkish Twittersphere" with colleagues from the Ohio State University School of Communication. The paper was presented by Aysenur Dal, an OSU doctoral student, at the Political Networks Conference (POLNET) on June 24, 2016, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Marianne Martens, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, is author of an invited chapter titled “Reading the Readers: Tracking Visible Online Reading Audiences” in P. M. Rothbauer, K.I. Skjerdingstad, L.E.F. McKechnie, and K. Oterholm  (Eds.), Plotting the Reading Experience: Theory/Practice/Politics. (2016). Waterloo, Ontario, Canada: Wilfred Laurier University Press.

Emad Khazraee, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, is first author on a paper titled "Evolving Repertoires: Digital Media Use in Contentious Politics," which was presented by co-author James Losey at the International Communication Association (ICA) annual conference in Fukuoka, Japan, on June 10, 2016.

Peggy Nzomo, University Libraries, co-authored an article titled “Multilingual Information Retrieval and Use: Perceptions and Practices Amongst Bi/Multilingual Academic Users” in The Journal of Academic Librarianship, volume 42, issue 5, September 2016, pages 495-502. 

Yosh Hakutani, Department of English, authored “The Triangular Vision of Richard Wright: The African American Poet’s Achievement of Solace by Means of Eastern Poetics and African Philosophy” in Richard Wright Writing America at Home and from Abroad, ed. Virginia Whatley Smith (Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 2016): 198-213.

Cindy Kristof, University Libraries, authored “Data and Copyright” in the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 42(6); 2016, 20-22. 

Rebecca A. Meehan, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Science, is lead author of an article titled “Increasing EHR System Usability Through Standards: Conformance Criteria in the HL7 EHR-System Functional Model,” published online in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics (Aug. 24, 2016).

Cindy KristofJennifer Rice and Karen Ronga, University Libraries, authored “Across the Stream: Collaboration in the Management of Streaming Video at Kent State University” in Journal of Digital Media Management, 4(4); 2016, 304-310.