CC logo for closed captioning overlaid on a film strip showing different social media platforms

Captioning technology was used during the pandemic to make live events accessible for all, and it continue to be used more widely in all areas of life with new innovations coming out every year.


Read about recent technological innovations that have made modifications to traditional assistive technologies enabling those with mobility related disabilities to blaze new trails.

Bias Buster: Veterans with Disabilities

At Kent State, we are extremely proud of our student veterans. We are working to ensure that there are services and resources available to assist with the challenging transition veterans with disabilities face when entering higher education. Read about how Kent State busts myths and builds Communities for its veteran students with disabilities.

Intersection Alley: LGBTQ + students with disabilities

Although KSU has improved public spaces o be more accessible to people with disabilities and part of the LGBTQ+ community, Faith, who has chronic pain which causes a mobility issue as well as potentially undiagnosed autism, feels that Kent State University is very LGBTQ+ and diversity friendly, but not as accepting of those with disabilities.

Loneliness The Unspoken Side Effect of Chronic Illness

Something no one tells you when you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness is that you will be lonely. Courtney McLeod, Kent State Financial Aid Counselor, shares how her chronic illness makes her feel lonely even during social events.

Justin Bieber

This summer, Justin Bieber made headlines when he posted on Instagram about having Ramsay Hunt syndrome and then canceled part of his world tour. Does this help normalize talk about our bodies and our holistic health? Editorial by Alison Haynes.

Group of Destination Kent State People on Risman Plaza

You may come to Kent State carrying the baggage of past fears, shortcomings, and failures that were associated with your high school accommodation process. Thankfully, the process of acquiring accommodations at the college level is very different from high school and more personalized to address what you actually need.

Bias Buster: Fact-Checking what we think

Disabled people aren't here to inspire you. 

Intersection Alley: Disability Identity Plus One Or More

Types of marginalization collide