As of January 1, 2017, Kaltura replaced KSUtube as Kent State’s online video platform, a service that enables users to upload, convert, store and play back video content via the Internet. The implementation began in May 2016 with many of the 48,000 video migrations occurring throughout summer. The retirement of KSUtube is bittersweet for its early adopters who have been using the application for nearly ten years, but they are pleased about what the new platform has to offer.

KSUMobile, Kent State’s official mobile application, provides students, faculty, and staff with a myriad of services right at their fingertips. The latest update, released in November 2016, added two great new features that will benefit the university community.

As of Fall 2016, the Microsoft Office suite has been made available free of charge to all Kent State faculty and staff through an agreement arranged by Information Services with Microsoft. All active full- and part-time employees qualify for the free software on their personal devices* for as long as they are employed by the university.

As part of the TechHelp family of services, IS offers a wide array of free technology workshops for students, faculty, and staff. What began with 20 workshops has erupted into a semester-long series of roughly 12 workshops each week covering over 40 topics. Offerings include Microsoft Office, Google Apps, Adobe Creative Suite, Cloud Storage, and many more. Workshops are designed for a variety of skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

Kent State students, faculty and staff now have free, unlimited access to Lynda.com (lynda.kent.edu), an online library of instructional videos that cover the latest software, online tools, and even topics such as audio mixing, marketing, business and education.

Access to Lynda.com was made possible in Fall 2016 through a partnership between the Division of Information Services, University Libraries and the Office of Continuing and Distance Education.

IS provides training to faculty and staff on many of the university’s enterprise applications. Some training opportunities, such as Unified Communications, Banner Navigation, Empower Timekeeping are for a broad audience to enhance the skills of staff in many roles. Other topics are more specialized, like Course Scheduler Basic training and Data Security Administrator training.

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What is Phishing?

Since last summer’s debut of the new, redesigned FlashLine, the feedback from the Kent State community has been extremely beneficial. Students, faculty and staff have continued to provide valuable insight regarding their thoughts on the new portal.