Total Solar Eclipse

Earth Fest 2024

Kent State celebrated Earth Month with an exceptionally full schedule of events, not the least of which were the activities on campus surrounding the total solar eclipse!

Eclipse totality with KSU lamp post.

Campus and community came together to share a once-in-a-lifetime event at Kent State University. 

Total eclipse with flares

Kent State University hosts the total eclipse events.

Kent State Today
Kent State mascot Flash wearing eclipse viewing glasses

Where will you be viewing the total solar eclipse, Golden Flashes?  Kent State has a complete schedule of eclipse-themed events and activities. 

Update Recycle Eclipse Glasses

After the eclipse, Flashes can do their part to promote sustainability  by recycling their eclipse glasses for use by viewers of future eclipses around the world. 

Carol L. Robinson, Ph.D., will speak about the ancient myths and folklore associated with the solar eclipse.

Kent State’s Carol Robinson, Ph.D., will discuss eclipse myths and folklore during her presentation “All I Want to Know is: Where Did the Sun Go? The Total Eclipse of the Sun in Myths and Folklore.” 

Tenskwatawa and Willam Henry Harrison

Associate Professor James Seelye, Ph.D., shares how the eclipse of 1806 had an important impact in the history of the newly established state of Ohio. 

Planetarium projector

Kent State University Department of Physics hosts eclipse planetarium shows and more.

Timelapse of Solar Eclipse

Join Beth A. Cunningham, Ph.D., a distinguished physicist and Kent State University alumna, as she unravels the mysteries of the cosmos and shares her insights on the latest in space exploration and the scientific wonders of solar eclipses. Ahead of her highly anticipated presentation on the day of the eclipse, this is your chance to explore the universe through the eyes of an expert who stands at the forefront of astronomical discovery and education.