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Kimberly Cleveland standing in front of a statue of John MarshallCollege of Nursing faculty member, Kimberly Cleveland, JD, MSN, RN, C-MBC, lecturer, uses her combined passion for nursing and law to inspire students to be more aware of and involved in healthcare policy and the community.

Photo of Dean Barbara BroomeAs a two-time alumna of this great institution, Kent State University College of Nursing holds a special place in my heart. For more than 50 years, Kent State College of Nursing has prepared the next generation of nurse leaders and what an exciting year 2017 was for us! Here are some of the highlights:

Please join us in congratulating the following individuals on their recent recognitions and publications.

To support faculty and student research at the College of Nursing, the Center for Nursing Research (CNR) provides a full range of services to encourage, facilitate, and promote nursing research.