Health Professions Campaign

In 2023 Kent State University was selected for a Silver Educational Advertising Award with its Health Professions Campaign.


  • Careers in the health profession industry has grown exponentially.
  • Students interested in majors and degrees related to health professions are typically required to search the specific college web site, thus making it hard to find on the overall university’s website as students may not know the college where that specific program resides.
  • When students think of a career in the health profession industry they typically think of doctors and nurses but there are so many more that students can explore that align with their academic and personal interests.


  • Target Audience
    • Prospective students interested in a future career in a health profession


  • Objective
    • To raise awareness and interest in the over 75 Kent State’s Health Professions Degree Programs


  • Create a campaign “Gear Up” where students can imagine themselves in different health profession career “gear”
  • Build a web page where students can find programs by alpha listing if they know what they are interested in or allow them to search by interest for those who know they want a health professions career but not necessarily in what area
  • Create health professions event day on campus where students can explore a field that suits them
  • Use targeted social media advertising to raise awareness and conversion to our webpage



  • Carousel at top allows students to see some of the health professions possibilities
  • CTA buttons prominent on page for students to find and take the next step
  • Alpha listing and interest areas allow students easy access to programs best suited for them

View the page here

Home Page Header


Website header on to promote the Health Professions Visit Day.