When reproduced in two colors, the sunburst and the word UNIVERSITY are in gold (PMS 124 for print; FFAB1B for the Web; R:238, G:177, B:17 for RGB); the words Kent State are in blue (PMS 281 for print; 0A0D6F for the Web; R:0, G:62, B:126 for RGB).

  • KSU Logo
  • Swatches

The logo may be reproduced in:

  • KSU Logo
    Four Color
  • KSU Logo (blue)
    All Blue (PMS 281; 0A0D6F; R:0, G:62, B:126)
  • KSU Logo (black)
    All Black
  • Also:
    • Metallic gold (PMS 873)
    • Metallic blue (PMS 8783)
    • Gold foil (No. 817)

The logo may be reversed out to all white (paper). The logo must be reversed from 100 percent of the foreground color.

  • All White Reverse
    All White Reverse
  • Two Color Reverse
    Two-Color Reverse

Reversing the logo out to all white or a “ghosting” technique of the logo may be applied to appropriate photographs or background elements that are not complicated or busy.