Publications such as newsletters, brochures and save-the-date cards must be produced according to the guidelines established by University Communications and Marketing. To ensure that your newsletters, brochures, fliers and other publications use the Kent State University logo properly, please follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure that you follow all usage restrictions.
  • The Kent State logo should be used in its entirety.
  • The Kent State seal should be used in accordance with visual standards. See Page 13.
  • Only use print-quality electronic art, which can be provided by University Communications and Marketing upon request.
  • Include the trademark statement in small font size, preferably on the back of the publication, (i.e., Kent State University, Kent State, KSU are registered trademarks and may not be used without permission.).
  • Please follow the previously outlined color and font standards for all communications (refer to Pages 18 – 24).
  • Please refer to the Guide to University Style for style conventions in written materials.

Departments may use an approved department specific logo only. To acquire an official logo for your department, please contact University Communications and Marketing.

The department signature cannot be used on letterhead, but may be used on brochures, newsletters or other printed communications. Kent State follows Associated Press style and university style in all written collateral. View the style guidelines.

Department Logo

The layouts shown below reflect a good use of size and positioning of the Kent State University logo and the elements described in this guide. 

Layout Examples

Layout Examples 2