Plan a Homecoming Event

If you are planning a group event during Homecoming Week, use these tools to help you plan!  The deadline to submit an event is August 16, 2019.  Events created by this date will be included on the Homecoming website and in marketing materials. Be sure to select the Homecoming tag and select your audience(s) (alumni, student, or both audience options) when submitting your event.

Event Planning Deadlines:

  • Plan the goal of your event, choose your audience and brainstorm the content and venue of the event.
  • Finalize venue, secure programming and solidify details of your event.
  • Before or by August 16 - Submit your event to be added to the Homecoming website.  See Event Marketing below for instructions.

Scheduling Guidelines:

To minimize overlap of activities, please follow the guidelines below:

  • It is highly recommended not to host events on Homecoming day, Saturday, Sept. 21 from:
    • 10-11 a.m. (Homecoming Parade) and 3:30-7 p.m. (Homecoming Football Game).
  • Contact scheduling to get approval for event space on campus.

Event Marketing:

  • Add your event to the Homecoming website, your departmental website (optional), the Event Calendar and FlashLine's Event Calendar
    • Deadline - Friday, Aug. 16
    • Follow the Creating a Homecoming Event instructions.
    • Submit your event via the University Calendar Event Request form.
      • Be sure to select Homecoming from the list of Tags.
      • Select Student or Alumni as the Audience if you want the event displayed on those event pages of the Homecoming website.
      • Select your department's website (page 5) if you would like the event to be displayed on your website's event listing.
  • Marketing will go out to students and alumni to promote Homecoming. Don’t miss this additional opportunity to promote your event.