University Approved Fonts

Font choice is integral to the expression of a brand. Fonts convey the personality and emotion at the heart of the brand. After careful consideration, Kent State University will continue using Garamond and adopt two new font families: Tablet Gothic, a straightforward and clean font, and Museo Slab, a spirited and friendly font. Univers will no longer be a university font. Current users of Univers should begin to phase out the font. Individual departments, colleges and schools are responsible for purchasing their own font licenses. University Communications and Marketing purchases fonts from various font providers. When purchasing fonts for your own use, please consider:

  1. Pricing may vary between font providers. When you choose a font provider, be sure that the font you are purchasing is the correct version of the font family and include the specific faces specified in these visual standards.
  2. Although our three font families — Tablet Gothic, Museo Slab and Garamond — possess many variations, or faces of the font, not all should be purchased. Please note that the Kent State University Guide to Visual Standards limits the number of faces within the font family. For example, Tablet Gothic may offer ultra-thin-condensed as part of its font family but the Kent State University Guide to Visual Standards does not permit the use of that font face in communications.

Common font providers that carry the fonts required by the visual standards:

Approved Fonts for Materials

Approved Fonts