University Communication regarding DocuSign Migration Project

Dear Kent State University Faculty and Staff,

In order to better manage costs and enable wider use of electronic signature and “paperless” processes, the Division of Information Technology is replacing the current electronic signature tool, DocuSign, with two new platforms, Adobe Sign and Next Gen Dynamic Forms. Adobe Sign provides comparable (or improved) e-signature functionality to DocuSign at a fraction of the cost, while Next Gen Dynamic Forms provides an additional cost-effective resource to convert paper-based forms to interactive, electronic forms and approval workflows when Adobe Sign is not the right option.

What You Need to Know

The Division of Information Technology, in consultation with departments, is starting the migration of the existing forms in DocuSign over to the new platforms. This effort is taking place now until April 14 with the Division of Information Technology's DocuSign Migration Team being responsible for transitioning any existing forms onto the new platforms. Official training for Adobe Sign and Next Gen Dynamic Forms is planned to start mid-April, with reserved spaces initially for those departments already utilizing DocuSign.

Thank you for your continued effort to improve process efficiency, reduce costs and create a streamlined, paperless environment at Kent State. We look forward to a smooth and successful transition to Adobe Sign and Next Gen Dynamic Forms.

For more information about the DocuSign Migration Project, to learn more about Adobe Sign and Next Gen Dynamic Forms resources or to post an inquiry, please visit this site xxx

Thank you,

The Division of Information Technology