Admissions and Application Information


A high school diploma or GED is all that is necessary for Ohio students to register for most classes in viticulture at Kent State University at Ashtabula.

Age restrictions:

Many of our practical enology (winemaking) courses also require students to be 21 years of age (or older), before the first day of class, in order to comply with state and federal alcohol consumption laws.

Application Form:

To apply to the Wine Degrees program, please complete the Kent State University at Ashtabula application form and indicate Enology (Wine Making) or Viticulture (Grape Growing) as your program of interest. Once you have been admitted to the University, the Wine Degrees advisor will work with you to discuss your options for registering for courses through Kent State Ashtabula or through our VESTA partner institutions. 

Viticulture and Enology Program Costs

Total Viticulture/Enology Associate of Applied Science Degree Costs:

Total costs for obtaining a degree in viticulture and enology will depend on a student's post-secondary education background. However, at published Fall 2018 tuition rates, a new high school graduate entering the Kent State two-year viticulture or enology AAS degree program can expect a total program cost of approximately $17,000.

Viticulture and Enology Classes offered by VESTA Partner Institutions:

Costs and fees for viticulture and enology classes taken from a VESTA partner institution are determined by the teaching institution; consult the VESTA partner site for current tuition information.  Please note that classes taken from partner institutions must be paid for in advance through the VESTA National Office, not Kent State University.

  • For more information please contact Lori Lee, 440-964-4309,