Fuel Cell Research Lab

The Fuel Cell Research Lab features a high-capacity fuel storage and delivery system that can store and deliver logistical fuels such as hydrogen, methane, natural gas, and syngas directly to fume hoods for continuous and long-term testing of fuel cells. We are also equipped with a specialty gas monitoring system for safety.


  • EOS M100 industrial 3D printer
  • Across International STF1200 (1200 °C)

Across International CF1600 Muffle Furnace (1600°C)

  • Across International CF1400 Muffle Furnace (1400 °C)
  • Cole Parmer StableTemp Oven (250 °C)
  • PTL-MM01 dip coater machine
  • Carver 10-ton pellet press
  • ULT-80 recirculating chiller (-80 °C)
  • TTC-1200 tape casting machine
  • Labconco freeze dryer
  • Metrohm Autolab Potentiostat-Galvanostat PGSTAT302N and Autolab 20A Booster module
  • Diamond cutter to cut ceramics
  • Slip de-airing set up
  • U.S. Stoneware 801CVM jar mill
  • Welch 8917-A vacuum pump
  • Fully automatic manifold for fuel delivery
  • Almus Ubocell Hydrogen SOFC Demonstration Kit (10 W)
  • Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies MFC100 Methanol Reformer System (100 W)
  • WATT Fuel Cell Imperium 1.0 Prototype Propane Fuel Cell System (375 W)
  • Almus Ubocell Hydrogen SOFC Demonstration Kit (10 W)

Fuel Cells, Clean Energy and Sustainability