Opportunities to Give

A large part of our mission in the College of Aeronautics and Engineering is to work in synergy with government and industry to share ideas, solutions, and innovations. We are extremely fortunate to enjoy a working relationship with many industrial and commercial partners who recognize the vast contributions we can make to the general welfare for our future leaders and appropriate areas of research.

We have three main goals for the college. One is the engagement and involvement of our alumni base to our mutual betterment, the second is cultivation of corporate partners who share common interests and who provide input on appropriate curricular changes to keep in step with the dynamics of corporate job functions, and the third is to raise the profile of our college so that its goal and mission is well known both regionally and nationally.

This college, while maintaining its core values of industrial technology is leaping into the future with new industry driven programs in aerospace engineering, mechatronics, innovation, sustainable technology, liquid crystal, and computer engineering technology.

This is in addition to our highly rated aeronautics program featuring flight technology, air traffic control, airport management, aeronautical systems engineering technology, and minors in aircraft dispatch, aviation weather and unmanned aircraft systems. It is my pleasure to cultivate partnerships which aid both the company and the college while engaging loyal alumni along the way.

If you would like to join our team, please feel free to contact us and we will jointly explore ways that you can engage in the college through volunteering time such as speaking to an appropriate class, scholarships and donations for research, and input to make us better. Please join with us as we make the college better in every way to best serve our student body and our region and state.

Andrew Morrison


Andrew Morrison 
Associate Director of Philanthropy