Abigail Gore

“The most valuable thing I have learned from this program is that lived experiences define communication, and I have begun to understand that communication is such a vast and ever-changing field that is applicable in every career."

Abigail Gore | M.A. Communication Studies

Current job: Graduate Assistant in the College of Communication and Information

For graduate student Abigail Gore, the graduate degree program in Communication Studies at Kent State added the missing piece she has been working towards in her academic and professional career. She described how her studies have broadened from the inner workings of both international and domestic politics and affairs in her undergraduate courses to DEI and Organizational Communications in the graduate program.

"I chose to pursue a master's degree in Communication Studies because I am passionate about progress and aim to advocate for progressive change," Gore said. "Communication and activism all fall under the larger umbrella of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). It is crucial to fulfill DEI standards, inspire, and facilitate change within our communities."

M.A. Communication Studies CCI Graduate Programs

In her role as graduate assistant, Gore has had the opportunity to see many different elements of the academic communication sector. She said, "I have had the opportunity to work on curriculum, teach and mentor undergraduate students. This position has provided me with a place to hone my skills as an academic, a faculty member, and a communicator. It has provided me with the necessary skill set and support to thrive in the professional world."

But it is her master's project that Gore is most proud of. "I am working with Yvonna Washington-Greer and Dr. Cristin Compton to create a program that centers around identity exploration and making the concept of DEI more relatable for ALL undergraduate students at Kent State. I believe that identity is a spectrum, and the message of DEI is being lost in translation. DEI is for everyone, and effective implementation of DEI initiatives starts with education and communication.  

Advice for future graduate students: 

"As cheesy as it sounds, enjoy it! There is so much to this field, and two years is nowhere near long enough to understand it all, but find your passion in it and allow your own perspective to shine through your work."